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 You are here: HOME » RUSSIAN » Exclusive Collectable Dolls » lmat000004
 "Ukrainian Village" [lmat000004]

Weight:  0.66 LBS

    Height: 15.00 cm (5.85 in)

Author:  Lena Sachuk
 $470.00  $322.00 
Quantity/Price 10+: $322.00
Quantity/Price 40+: $322.00

This set of dolls was inspired by the Ukrainian traditional historical costumes. Folk costume is a basic element of a country's culture and craft, closely tied with its whole history.

Even though there are numerous variations of Ukrainian national costumes, based on the different regions, certain components of Ukrainian folk dress are universal: shirts, skirts, and sleeveless jacket or vest.
Both men's and women's shirts were sewn from homespun and home-woven linen or hempen cloth, polotno. Folk-shirts were long-sleeved, and generally quite lengthy, falling to the ankles or mid-calf. In most regions of Ukraine, men's shirts are worn over the trousers. Both men's and women's shirts have their opening down the center front. The opening edges of the women's shirts are minimally decorated with embroidery, while the men's shirts are more heavily embroidered along both openings, forming a unified design when the shirt is closed. Skirts are of a wrap-around style and consist of panels. Aprons are worn over the skirt.
Generally, female costumes show greater variety and more elaborate ornamentation than male costumes.
Unmarried women all over Ukraine wore their hair in one or two braids everyday. For work, young women covered their head with a kerchief. When not working, and on special occasions, maidens tied their hair back with a ribbon and inserted flowers into the ribbon on both sides of the head. Or they might cover their head with a wreath of fresh or artificial flowers with multicolored ribbons attached to the back.
Size: 15cm

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 02 February, 2005.
Ukrainian Village

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